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‘Belgium is an international hub for cell-based therapies’

Nandakumar Jegadesan

Name: Nandakumar Jegadesan
Nationality: Indian
Occupation: Postdoctoral scientist Oncology
Field: Pharmaceutical research

Nandakumar is a junior scientist in cancer research developing novel chemotherapeutic drugs to treat cancer patients. He has chosen Belgium for its internationally renowned reputation in pharmaceutical research and development.

‘I started working in oncologic drug discovery because I want to see my work applied in a clinical context, so it can improve patients’ lives. As a junior scientist working on cancer cell targeted therapies, I believe that Belgium is one of the best places to work.’

Nandakumar Jegadesan

‘The most important factor for me is the availability of new innovative, cutting-edge technologies that enable to push boundaries to develop new and more effective cancer treatment for patients in the clinic.'

'Personally, I find next gen small molecule inhibitors, antibody, and cell-based therapies to be the most fascinating developments in Belgian pharma.’

‘The second factor is the highly international research environment, where people from all over the world work together as a team to push the drug discovery process forward helping to save the lives of patients. The fact that talented people come here together makes it a fantastic place where you can learn a lot and develop yourself into a successful scientist bringing therapeutic drugs to the clinic.’