About Belgium

In the heart of Europe

Belgium offers the possibility to reach 200 million consumers within a 500-kilometre radius, thanks to its central geographical position. It is located in the heart of Europe between the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, France and the United Kingdom.

This small country of 30,688 km² has a population of just over 11.5 million people and is made up of three regions:  the Walloon Region in the south, the Brussels-Capital Region in the centre and the Flemish Region in the north of the country.

Belgium's logistics network is one of the most developed on the continent. Its internationally renowned port of Antwerp-Bruges and its airports provide ideal connections for passengers and freight. Belgium's rail, river and road networks cover the entire territory and provide excellent access to the rest of Europe.   

Work together

Because of its history and its hospitality, Belgium is a country where all nationalities, cultures and languages are welcome and work together. As the second country in the world to legalise same-sex marriages, Belgium has always been a civil rights pioneer. Openness to diversity really is part of the country's DNA.

Belgium also offers many advantages for investors, with a highly qualified, multilingual and flexible workforce, proximity to international decision-making centres based in Brussels, legendary hospitality and an exemplary social security system.

Belgium’s public authorities also provide access to multiple benefits with the aim of stimulating entrepreneurship and promoting productivity and growth. These benefits can take different forms, such as attractive financial and tax incentives, easy access to infrastructure and resources, or considerable support for research, innovation and collaboration.

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