Belgium offers many advantages for your subsidiary or branch

An open economy

  • among the world’s top exporters
  • no trade restrictions
  • quick procedure for setting up a new business
  • an entrepreneur-friendly environment

An ideal base to reach out to the European consumer market

  • more than 500 million consumers within a radius of 800 km
  • cultural diversity: an ideal test market for new products
  • close to major production centres and sales markets

Easy to reach from Europe and the rest of the world thanks to

  • excellent infrastructure and connections:
    • excellent transportation options: seaports and inland ports, airports, railways, extensive road network
  • promotion of intermodal transportation options
  • first-class telecommunication networks

An international decision-making centre

  • with countless European and international institutions
  • more than 2,000 multinationals
  • strong presence of lobby groups, diplomats and press

Excellent workforce

  • high productivity level
  • highly qualified workers
  • extensive knowledge of languages

A knowledge centre

  • top universities
  • outstanding research and development centres
  • a place for innovation
Univ leuven

A business-friendly tax system

  • tax benefits 

Competitive property prices and excellent living conditions

  • low property prices compared to neighbouring countries
  • a high standard of living
  • exceptional education system
  • good healthcare
  • a cultural crossroads

Regional points of contact